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Last updated Wed. August 4th, 1999. Soon to come: More slander exposed, and more thought provoking news bits!

The site devoted to defending the Pagan/Wiccan community on the internet!

Disclaimer for unstable non-Pagans: Some visitors to this site may not at first understand that I mean no disrespect to any religion. When I speak of hateful slander and acts, I do NOT accuse all Christians or said groups of the same charge. I point out websites that cause libel to the Pagan community, but I do NOT generalize denominations. Love and Light!!!

It is interesting to see that there are literally hundreds of websites displaying, teaching, and celebrating Paganism and Wicca. It is equally impressive that there are many beautifully done Christian sites. This site will never put down any religion or spiritual belief. However, I have come across too many people and too many websites that are ignorant to the Wiccan way and/or are so fervent with their beliefs that they are convinced that all Pagans and witches are "evil". I am simply tired of lies and defamation. To me, the statements that are made by these people, such as "All Pagans and Wiccans are evil and worship the devil", or "Their Goddess is the devil in disguise", etc. are unfair and simply promote hate.

Currently there are very few laws governing the internet. Freedom of speech protects the rights of these people, and everyone, to be able to express their beliefs, and I am very grateful for that! To me it is not enough to have the sites that we do; the ones that tell the truth about Wicca, FROM WICCANS. We must fight the slander. Every racial, ethnic, or religious group has problems with acceptance in society at times, but Pagans are the most misunderstood. One of the major steps to stopping the hate and ignorance, I think, is to fight the slander! It is too late in our culture to retreat back into the closet with witchcraft. As long as people are discussing it, and teens are mystified by it, I want to help make sure "The Truth Is Out There."

That's why I'm making this site: I will not send out any negative energies or entertain in slamming anyone. But I am here to point out and exploit those people and sites that insist on spreading hurtful words and images regarding my Pagan faith. You want your 15 minutes of cyberfame, and you choose to use it to voice your ideas about MY religion and way of life when it does not affect you? OK, great!!! I'll make sure you have it! I will point my finger at you, and the Pagan community will make sure we are heard, as well.

That not only goes for Christians determined to slam Wicca, but for people who are spiteful and claim to practice black magic, yet also claim to be Wiccan. Here's a hint: Pagan is a broader term like Christian; but to be Wiccan means "An It Harm Ye None, Do As Thou Wilt." Wiccans do NOT cause intentional harm or negativity!!! Getting violent and making threats is NOT a Wiccan way!!! If you do so you are only promoting the type of image we are fighting to not have.

I hereby consecrate this webspace for singling out those who deem it necessary to say libelous things about Pagans and witches as a whole, or misrepresent the Goddess. So take a look around! :) I condemn no one, I only point out that which I defend myself against.

Blessed Be!

Lorna Brigid

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The Words That Hurt
See the exact quotes that prompted me to start this site, and get links to their pages. All of the sites that are Anti Pagan that I can find!
The "Witches" That Have Lashed Out
Examples of the behavior that got us where we're are to begin with. Human anger is understandable when people say hurtful things about you, but this is personifying what the Anti Pagans are saying.
Mail Recieved/Discussions
Go here to see mail I've posted that I've recieved, as well as points of view and debates.
The lighthearted part of the site; sometimes humor is great for the soul.
Religious Descrimination & It's Effects On Society
Directly showing why we need more tolerance...To end abuse and bloodshed....
What's the Good Word?!?
Positivity!!! There are a few sites out there like this one, and MANY wonderful sites that proclaim the truth of Paganism & Wicca!
What's a freedom fighting page without news flashes to let you in on what's going on??
Answers to Earth Day
So many people ignore it or bash it, I had to speak up.
Letters To Tammy Ritchie
Some have expressed concern over ruffling feathers. These were sent around this site's conception, and I deemed it right to post them for your knowledge...

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